Here at MTHFR Gene Health, we understand the complex nature of having the MTHFR gene mutation. We know that each person has different needs when it comes to the right treatment.  We provide an online clinic as well as our north shore Sydney office. Make it easier for people to gain access to our MTHFR practitioners.

Consultations can be done via Skype, phone or in person.  If you require a consultation please click here to contact us for a consultation. You can purchase a consultation through either of these links:

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How we treat MTHFR conditions

When people first find out that they have the MTHFR gene. The very next question is usually what do I do about it?  And it’s a great question, often once people have been diagnosed with MTHFR. They are told to “take activated folate” which more often than not is a very bad and dangerous idea.  MTHFR gene mutations affect people in different ways. So it’s important to understand that there is a right way to treat the condition and a wrong way.

Treating MTHFR the wrong way

Taking activated folate or 5 MTHF is not always the best treatment. In fact, can be seriously dangerous causing a condition known as “methyl trapping”. This condition can result is a person taking activated folate decline into depression and can result in suicide.  Thus we suggest you do not take any form of active folate without the supervision of an MTHFR practitioner.

Further, when you have been diagnosed with MTHFR. There are many other problems that need to be evaluated to be able to optimize the health of a person. Who has the disorder and this can not be done by taking activated folate and not seeking professional help.  Additional problems not properly evaluated by an MTHFR professional practitioner are associated with serious diseases.  Both physically and mentally that can be monitored, treated and even prevented.

Treating MTHFR the right way

Treating the MTHFR gene defect the right way involves seeking out a professional MTHFR practitioner. Who understands the problems associated with the condition and can provide treatments in the right way for each person as an individual.  We provide a comprehensive approach to treating the condition. This means understanding which gene alterations you have, how they are affecting you & your health. Your family history, your risks and providing a customized treatment process.

Often people who have the gene alteration have had it for years without showing obvious MTHFR symptoms. This means that over time those with MTHFR have more often than not been in poor health for some time. This means that these people need further attention to other areas of their health to restoring their overall health.  So, treating MTHFR the right way means looking at all aspects of your health moving forward with treatments. But assisting the body to resolve issues that come from having the condition.

Nutritional damage & MTHFR

One of the key problems of having the MTHFR gene mutation is “nutritional damage”. Those with the condition will have abnormal nutritional imbalances and special needs for certain nutrients and nutritional support.  Our MTHFR practitioners understand how to evaluate each person as an individual when it comes to nutritional damage. This enables us to provide specific targeted nutritional treatments that work best for our patients.

Mental health & MTHFR

Some people with MTHFR present with mental health problems and these can often get worse over time without proper treatment.  Different variations of the gene mutations and nutritional imbalances can cause serious mental health issues. It is important to understand that those who have been diagnosed with the MTHFR gene defect. If, they have symptoms of mental illness need the right treatments that support mental health.  Our MTHFR practitioners can help identify key points that cause various mental health problems. That provides you the specific treatments to bring relief from mental health problems.

Prevention of disease & MTHFR

People with gene mutations are predisposed to certain diseases and often serious yet preventable diseases. These people need extra support to prevent those diseases and in fact and when we know which gene alterations. We have this puts us at an advantage in being able to work toward supporting those areas of your health. That is more predisposed to a certain disease.  Our practitioners can help you identify your personal predispositions to disease and provide preventive treatments.

Support for MTHFR

Our practitioners also understand that it can be life changing finding out that you have a gene mutation. With this understanding, there is good news, and you are far better off knowing you have the gene problem than not knowing. This means you can get treatment for the problems, prevent disease and you have us here for support.  Our practitioners can be contacted via the contact us page if you need anything.

Our Fees

Initial consultations $150AUD (up to 1 hour)

Follow up consultations $85AUD per 30 minutes or $150AUD (up to 1 hour)


We do not cover private health insurance. Our fees have been significantly reduced vs other MTHFR practices. But it allows access to those that can’t afford private health insurance. Those with MTHFR that find private health insurance inadequate to cover them for the MTHFR condition.

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