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An Honest Book Review of “Dirty Genes” by Dr Ben lynch

Left feeling like something is missing from dirty genes?

There are now many books on the market that discuss gene mutations, how they may affect you and even some guidance on what you can do to improve your health.

The book “Dirty Genes” by Dr Ben Lynch seemed to want to achieve some very big goals given it’s dramatic title and it is working really well achieving just that in terms of sales for Dr Lynch.  After taking a good look at the content of the book and understanding his approach to educating his target audience, the book dirty genes looked mostly like driving sales for Dr Lynch’s courses, his supplement company seekinghealth and his gene reading software strategene.

From a practitioners perspective it’s hard to watch a leader in his field, write such an important book with recommendations that drive uneducated people with genuine and serious health problems to believe simple changes in their diet such as following his “clean genes protocol”, many foods of which are contradictory for some people of the very gene combinations he discussed.

Knowing from clinical experience that largely these diets won’t even come close to being enough to support many of the gene mutations he did cover, let alone the many hundreds of other genes he doesn’t discuss.

One of things that stands out about Dr lynch’s clean genes protocol is that most of the people who suffer from so called dirty genes, (actually called gene mutations), have for many years suffered with many health problems and this in most cases already motivated them to do the very things that Dr Lynch’s clean genes protocol suggests, e.g. eat well, fresh air, clean water etc

What we know from first hand experience is those that have taken this approach often over many years in each case did mostly very little toward supporting or solving a persons health problem/s when they have active genetic mutations, in fact many say that they have tried everything and have gotten worse over time.

Unfortunately for these people, taking the type of advice offered in the clean genes protocol has for many all been said and done with little to no positive results.  The problem with this kind of advice is for those that have been down that road leads to further disappointment and discouragement, which from one disappointment to another makes these people more skeptical and less likely to pursue further help that really does make a positive difference to their health.  I fear, of the many people who read this best selling book some will do the clean genes protocol and of those that do, most people will be once again be let down and fall deeper into wondering who they can trust.

Please don’t get me wrong, there are many good points in the dirty genes book, but there is no way this book or its contents as the title says “A breakthrough program to treat the root cause of illness and optimize your health” is going to achieve that at all. This just makes the book look very attractive to buy, but once you have read it you may be feeling that something if not a lot would have to be missing for a book like this to do what it suggests it can do right on the title.  Some points about the book:

Why avoid “Dirty Genes” advice….

  • It’s far too simplified to even begin with fixing the real complexities that come with gene mutations (so called “dirty genes” in the book) in terms of treating the root cause of illness
  • It’s far too simplified to possibly optimize your health if you have active problematic gene mutations and you have symptoms for those genetic mutations
  • It’s not at all a breakthrough program, that would suggest a complete change in the health system that would contribute to having less illness and better health.  The healthy eating advice in the book has been around for hundreds of years yet human beings are sicker than ever
  • The guides in the book try’s to put you in categories to help you understand what type of gene mutation you may have, this is misleading as many gene mutations that are not mentioned in the book have similar symptoms
  • The book encourages people with serious health problems to use certain food groups to support each gene mutation/s that they may or may not have and the food group may or may not have enough of the active ingredient to do anything at all to help with the genetic problem which is misleading
  • The book encourages people to treat there own self evaluated gene mutations themselves without the support of real evidence and a trained professional to guide them in the right direction and provide support which can be dangerous
  • The book promotes strategene which is just software that gives generic advice about your gene mutations, this information may or may not be relevant to you as an individual, this type of software approach to good health outcomes is often misleading and ineffective due to the fact that computers know nothing about an individuals personal health circumstances therefroe delivering incorrect advice.
  • Most of what is in the book is general health advise at best

Why so many good reviews about “Dirty Genes”?

You may wondering if the book dirty genes has so many negative points, why has it been so popular and that’s a great question with three main answers:

  1. The first reason is that genetic mutations is a growing problem and there are millions of people looking for answers to their health problems, that made it an easy to sell.
  2. The second reasons is the books title which makes it sound like it is going to solve all of your health problems.
  3. The third reason is that there is nothing like finding a reason for an unexplained problem you have, this is how dirty genes is designed to put you into a generic category (because people love to fit into a category) so you can finally say, oh so I am COMT or I am MAO or I am MTHFR or even both/all, so finally I know why after all this time! This strategy makes you/anyone feel great about finding out why they have existing problems and this is great but only if you know what to do about it.  The clean gens protocol offered in the dirty genes book then provides “hope” that by following the simple instructions or buying more of Dr Lynches products may be the cure.

What is important about the book Dirty Genes by Dr Ben Lynch?

Apart from the many reasons you would not entertain following the advice in the dirty genes book without proper guidance from a qualified health practitioner, the book dirty genes does give everyone the opportunity to ask themselves some very important questions such as:

  • If I have genetic mutations (and everybody does) that potentially have the ability to cause me an illness/disease that can potentially lead to my death, do I really want to rely on a basic guide when it comes to my health?
  • If I have found out that I have a gene mutation, is it really active? and should I really take any action at all without proper advice from a qualified health practitioner?
  • Should I really play guessing games with my nutritional status?
  • Should I really play guessing games with my supplements?
  • How well can I really trust myself to make decisions about how I really “feel” in terms of what I think I do and I don’t need to do without the proper guidance of a qualified health practitioner?
  • A very common problem we find:  I had myself tested for x,y,z and I treated myself and nothing changed, what did I do wrong?  (some people lose years and lots of money experimenting with this one)
  • Do I really know enough now about genetic mutations, advanced nutrition, epigenetics and nutrigenomics and why doesn’t dirty genes discuss any of these important factors that real practitioners who specialize in genetic mutations use in their clinc’s?
  • Health problems are mostly a combination of a number of problems, should I really take the risk that just treating my genes is going to be enough?
  • I wonder what I wasn’t told about in Dirty Genes that could make me worse over time?

Looking for real gene health advice?

If you are concerned about your genetic health, we will take it seriously here at, click here to contact one of our profssional practitioners today. 

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