Services, Treatments & Solutions for Complex Health Problems

Today most people have genetic mutations that cause health problems that often go undiagnosed by regular doctors and medical professionals, this problem combined with an unhealthy environment and the stress of living with our modern fast passed lifestyles can lead to unexplained symptoms and health concerns that can leave you wondering what you might be doing wrong.

Here at MTHFR gene health, we understand the complex nature and the depth of the health problems people have today that most health professionals misunderstand and we know what you can do about it to get results with improving your health at a deep level.

Genetic mutations can cause literally thousands of health problems, this can make proper diagnosis and treatment difficult without the proper guidance that we provide people every day from all over the world.

If you have been trying to solve your health problems and you are not getting the answers you need book a consultation with us today.  Being specialists in genetics and having a deeper level of knowledge we can help you.

We can analyze your DNA data and provide advise, instructions and treatment protocols that fit you and your genetics.  Using our partners such as and or we can access your raw DNA data and show you the gene mutations that match your symptoms and provide customized treatment protocols best suited to your health problems.  Click here to access this product.

ancestry raw data analysis
23andme raw data analysis


  • Diagnosis of complex health problems
  • Getting to the root cause of the health problem
  • Discovering problem genes and providing solutions
  • Methylation analysis
  • Separating problems gene mutations from no problematic gene mutations
  • MTHFR treatments
  • Treatment of conditions related to MTHFR gene mutations and other gene mutations
  • Fertility and infertility cause discovery
  • Discovery of miscarriage’s cause and solutions
  • Complex gut health problems (IBS, Chrohn’s,  SIBO, leaky Gut, constipation, ulcerative colitis and more)
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Negative reactions to supplements
  • Mensural problems and uterine health solutions
  • Solutions for mental health problems
  • Working with Autism
  • Homocystine balance correction
  • Migraine solutions
  • Advanced heavy metal detoxification
  • Advanced detoxification
  • Problems with skin, rash, ache, Eczema  and or dermatitis
  • Anxiety solutions
  • Depression solutions
  • Hormone imbalance correction
  • Bipolar & or Schizophrenia
  • Complex immune disorders
  • Lyme disease solutions
  • Weight gain and obesity solutions
  • Help with seizures
  • Mold detoxification

And much more, just ask us here.


Treatments are customized for each person based on their individual needs.  This may be supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathics and or medications. We work with evidence based results, this means we may request tests or use your existing test results to make educated decisions for treatment protocols.  It is important to understand that everybody is different and treating people properly means using different strategies to get good results.

“Amazingly refreshing to finally find someone who understands what they are taking about and knows what to do about it, after many years of struggle my search for good health is finally over, thank you so much!”

C. Loft – Australia

“Saved my life literally! My advice, don’t do this alone, get help from these guys, you’ll be much better for it, you will learn a lot, save years of suffering and get your health back .”

– J. Couell – USA