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Yes, MTHFR is important in fertility and pregnancy BUT it’s not the only problem which is why so many fail to get the answers they need for a successful pregnancy.

It’s really simple, if you have infertility, you miscarry, you find it hard to get pregnant, you tried the internet, you tried the supplements, you tried the doctors and or IVF specialists and still cant get pregnant and or maintain a pregnancy’s full term, something is wrong and it not your fault.

Everyday thousands of people who planned to one day have children of their own end up in the cycle of disappointment and it’s really important to understand that the reason you are having so much trouble is because you just don’t know what you don’t know.

This might sound obvious however there is much more to your pregnancy problems than meets the eye unless you know where to look and that’s what we do best.

Misconceptions about infertility

MTHFR gene mutations are the only cause of my infertility

FACT – MTHFR gene mutations can play a role in infertility but rarely are they the sole cause.  MTHFR is only one gene in a long line of genetic pathways that control pregnancy

Infertility is only a medical problem

FACT – While there are medical fields that work with fertility does not mean that the cause of your infertility problem is a medical problem.  More often we see people who have worked with medical professionals and have no success because fundamental underlying problems get missed by medical professionals.

Prenatal supplements help solve infertility problems

If you have problems with fertility your success rate using prenatal supplements in very low, this is because prenatal supplements rarely address the underlying reason/s for your unique biochemistry.  And in some cases prenatal supplements can also prevent you from getting pregnant.

IVF is the only way I can get pregnant with infertility

Not true at all.  In fact IVF can be like trying to force a pregnancy which can come with its own set of complications.  Working with the root cause of fertility issues comes with great benefits beyond just getting pregnant including improving the life and health of you, your child and your experience with pregnancy and your experience with raising your child.

IVF can be expensive, taxing you emotionally, physically and financially. When it fails to work and you’re simply told by doctors to “keep trying”, the thought of continuing to try… and failing can be terrifying.

Infertility means I'm not meant to have a child

It’s easy to come to this conclusion, most often infertility is a blessing in disguise, yes that’s right, infertility can be your body’s way of telling you something is wrong that needs to be fixed before it leads to a serious health problem.  Finding the underlying cause of your fertility can have many benefits.

The truth is not everybody is meant to have children, this can be for many reasons and we can show you if this may be the case for you or not.

I keep getting pregnant and I continue to miscarry, I must be infertile

If you can get pregnant, you are not infertile.  Miscarrying is a symptom that can be resolved here.

Eating healthy can resolve infertility

If it were that easy, there would not be so many thousands of couples and millions of dollars spent of fertility treatments.  unfortunately we live in a polluted world full of toxins that effect fertility including health foods.  In fact there are many “healthy” foods that disrupt the methylation cycle that is needed for a health pregnancy.

2 miscarriage’s in 6 months after many years of trying, after working with MTHFR gene health, now a perfectly healthy pregnancy followed by a perfect healthy little girl who has changed our lives.  Thank you so much!

K. Coulter – USA

I wish I found you guys earlier, I wasted a lot of years and money on so called experts in fertility and could not get pregnant.  Just had my 3rd healthy baby and loving life!  Thank you for everything.

J. Mitchell – USA

Top Infertility Concerns

Why Do I Miscarry?

MTHFR Conditions

Have you had 1 or more miscarriages?

If you are trying to figure out what might be causing them, lets take the heartbreak out of a miscarriage and discover the possible underlying cause.

  • Have you checked your folate pathway properly, there is more than just MTHFR involved.
  • Do you have any clotting genes that may be contributing?
  • How toxic is your underlying health?
  • Do you have toxic genes?  Genes with toxins that block fertility pathways and unbalance your hormones.
  • How toxic is your endocrine system?
  • Are there unknown, bacteria or viruses?
  • Family history of miscarrage?
  • Irregular menstrual cycles?
  • Is your partner healthy?

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?  (Unexplained Infertility)

Have you been trying to get pregnant for more than 6 months?

When you have been trying to get pregnant for some time without any success it’s time to ask why.  While MTHFR gene mutations can play a role in unexplained fertility there are many factors that can play it’s part with infertility.  Here are just some:

  • Which genetic mutations do I have that may be holding me back?
  • What is my underlying nutritional status?
  • Do I have hormonal imbalances?
  • Are you and your partner aware of your fertility weaknesses?
  • Is your body in the right ideal condition for a health pregnancy?
  • Are there negative chemicals, toxic metals, bacteria and or viruses preventing you from being fertile?
  • Do you know if your uterus is a healthy environment for fertility?
  • Learn more about key causes of infertility here.

Unexplained infertility

IVF & Alternative Treatments Not Working?

IVF not working

Many couples attempt IVF only to find disappointment, find out why it didn’t work.


IVF (In vitro fertilisation) is very demanding on couples that have come to the point where they cant get pregnant.  Often after spending a lot of effort, time and money attempting to force a pregnancy can cost to you emotionally, physically and financially. When IVF and other alternative pregnancy treatment/s isn’t successful and you’re simply told by doctors or alternative practitioners to just “keep trying”, this is a BIG red flag that they have missed the underlying cause.  Many couples at this point give up thinking that it will never happen for them and or it’s all just too hard.

When we show our patients WHY they are having so much trouble getting pregnant they almost always say “We wish we found you earlier”.