Fertility Genes – The Genetic Advantage ebook

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  • Top 13 Infertility and Miscarriage genes
  • How to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy by 90%
  • How you can finally get pregnant and have a family
  • Solutions for fertility, infertility, and miscarriage using your own genetics, priceless information for a successful pregnancy


This book contains advanced solutions to how genetics play a role in your reproductive health. Men and women who have tried to get pregnant and have been left disappointed and or discouraged, feeling that they can’t have a family of their own, have gene mutations. Genes that influence their reproductive health in a negative way, which more often than not get undiagnosed by mainstream medical science.

How well your infertility genes function and or express themselves, can mean the difference between having a healthy pregnancy or experiencing infertility and or miscarriage.

When you have a genetic mutation, you may have a reduced ability to produce the right balance of biochemistry that is essential to reproductive health.

Understanding your fertility genes, infertility genes, how they work, and how they can affect your reproductive health, is now more vital than ever. Not only can you have your own family, but also have a healthy pregnancy, having healthy offspring with improved health for you as their parents and your new baby.  Being prepared in the right way can be life-changing for how your new family, experiences their life with their genetics.

In this book, we will explore the most common gene mutations that are the leading cause of reproductive health today. Much of which you won’t hear anywhere else and what you can do about them to dramatically improve your chances of having your own family.

The information in this book has been used in practice to produce many healthy, successful pregnancies despite many genetic disadvantages.


Chapter 1 – Fertility, infertility, and miscarriage

What is fertility?

What is Infertility?

What is miscarriage?

Chapter 2 – Infertility and miscarriage genes

Chapter 3 – Infertility & miscarriage genes and nutritional breaks

What is a nutritional break?

Chapter 4 – The fertility influencers


Fertility and methylation



Toxins, chemicals, pollutants






Folic acid


EMF radiation






Chapter 5 – MTHFR gene mutations and fertility

Why 5 MTHF (methyl folate) supplements can be dangerous

SLC19A1 Mutations and folate absorption

Chapter 6 – DHFR gene mutations and fertility

DHFR and radiation and miscarriages

Chapter 7 – MTR & MTRR gene mutations and fertility

TCN mutations and B12 absorption

Chapter 8 – APOE gene mutations and fertility

Chapter 9 – VDR gene mutations and fertility

Chapter 10 – FVL & F2 gene mutations and miscarriages

Chapter 11- NOS gene mutations and fertility

NOS & Heart health & miscarriage

Chapter 12 – PEMT gene mutations and fertility

Chapter – 13 GST/GPX gene mutations and fertility

Chapter 14 – PON gene mutations and fertility

Chapter – 15 Key fertility nutrients

Essential fertility supplements

Chapter 16– How to check if you have bad genes

Chapter 17 – Summary & actions