How To Balance Your Homocysteine The Right Way – The Genetic Advantage Ebook



This ebook is cutting edge in how to keep your homocysteine balanced the right way and includes advanced methods for more difficult cases with the advantage of understanding how your genetics play a role.

Homocysteine is considered one of your most important health statistics and can determine a range of factors about a person’s underlying health.

“If your health practitioner is not familiar with how methylation works, they are missing 90% of the problem”.

Understanding your homocysteine and genetics can also help to prevent serious disease or even death once you understand the nature of this important measure of life known as homocysteine. Homocysteine kept in good order can add upwards of 20 years to your life according to many well studied and published authors in this field.

Take advantage of little-known strategies as told by the author Russell Browne (a genetic nutritionist) as experienced in real cases using genetics to solve complex health problems.


  • Chapter 1 – What is Homocysteine?
  • Chapter 2 – Re-balancing your homocysteine the standard way
  • Chapter 3 – Things to avoid
  • Chapter 4 – The homocysteine genetics (rebalancing homocysteine at a deeper level)
  • Chapter 5 – Diagnosing gene mutations in the homocysteine cycle
  • Chapter 6 – Case studies
  • Chapter 7 – Resources