Real Mental Health Solutions – The genetic advantage ebook

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This book is cutting edge in how your genetics play a role in your mental health. Genes such as MTHFR, DHFR, COMT, MAO, MTR, MTRR, GAD and DDC are a vital part of your genetic make-up that provides an essential balance to how you feel mentally. How well these genes and many other genes function, can mean the difference between having a happy life and suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD and psychosis.

“If your health practitioner is not familiar with these mental health genes, they are missing 90% of the problem”.

When you have a genetic mutation in any of these genes, you may have a reduced ability to produce the right balance of neurotransmitters that are essential to good health.

Understanding your mental health genes, how they work and how they can affect your health, is now more vital than ever, as we see a large percentage of the population now suffering from mutations in these genes, which has resulted in literally millions of mental health problems, largely overlooked by medical professionals.

If you are trying to solve a mental health problem and you are not factoring in genetics, you are missing 90% of the problem.  This book is vital information for those that want to know why they have mental health symptoms and what they can do about it.

But these genes don’t work alone, they affect everyone differently depending on their own genetic makeup, so it is extremely important to look deeper into these genes for yourself and understand just how deeply they may be affecting your mental health, well-being, and how you can take actions that most mental health professionals, don’t even know are possible, to restore your mental health at a genetic level.


  • Chapter 1 – The mental health disaster
  • Chapter 2 – The complex causes of mental health in the real world
  • Chapter 3 – A nutritional break in mental health
  • Chapter 4 – Neurotransmitters and mental health
  • Chapter 5 – Meet the problem mental health genes
  • Chapter 6 – MTHFR gene
  • Chapter 7 – DHFR gene
  • Chapter 8 – COMT gene
  • Chapter 9 – MAO gene
  • Chapter 10 – MTR & MTRR gene
  • Chapter 11 – DDC gene
  • Chapter 12 – GAD gene
  • Chapter 13 – Strange symptoms, behaviors and psychosis
  • Chapter 14 – The usual suspects
  • Chapter 15 – About biopterin
  • Chapter 16 – About Methylation
  • Chapter 17 – About the folate family of genes
  • Chapter 18 – Case studies
  • Chapter 19 – Resources