Gut Genes – The Genetic Advantage

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“If you want to know why you have gut health problems, this is a MUST read!”


This book is cutting edge in how your genetics play a role in your gut health. Most people have gene mutations, genes that can influence their gut health in a negative way, which more often than not gets undiagnosed by mainstream medical science.

How well your gut genes function and or express themselves, can mean the difference between having a healthy life or suffering from even serious gut health problems many people experience today.

When you have genetic mutations in your digestive system, you may have a reduced ability to produce the right balance of biochemistry that is essential to good gut health.

Understanding your gut genes, how they work and how they can affect your health, is now more vital than ever, as we see a large percentage of the population now suffering from mutations in these gut genes, which has resulted in literally thousands of health problems, largely overlooked by medical professionals.

Today more than ever, it is extremely important to look deeper into these genes for yourself and understand just how deeply they may be affecting your health, and wellbeing and how you can take actions that most health professionals, don’t even know are possible, to restore your gut health at a genetic level.

In this book, we will explore the most common genes that are leading to some of the worst gut health problems people are having today.


Chapter 1 – The Gut Crisis
Types of gut problems
Causes of gut problems
Chapter 2 – Genetic mutations and nutritional breaks
What is a nutritional break?
Chapter 3 – Gut genes
About Microbiome
The FUT2 problem
FUT2 Secretors VS Non-Sectors
FUT2 gene mutations & immunity (Intestinal permeability)
FUT2 gene mutations and autoimmune disease
Solving FUT2 problems
Chapter 4 – Gut and histamine genes
More on histamine genes
Food and environmental allergies/sensitives
Regulation of histamine
More on histamine
More on Aldehyde
The HNMT gene
Solving DAO & Histamine problems
Chapter 5 – Gut and Immunity
The HLA gene
Solving HLA problems
Chapter 6 – The gut-brain axis and gene mutations
The MAO gene
Solving MAO problems
MTHFR gene
Methylation imbalance symptoms from MTHFR genes:
MTHFR and mental health
Solving MTHFR problems
Why 5 MTHF (methyl folate) supplements can be dangerous
What about folic Acid?
SLC19A1 Mutations and folate absorption
Chapter 7 – Gluten, food sensitivity, and intolerances
Gluten and genes
Celiac disease, Colitis, Crohn’s disease
Food intolerance
Chapter 8 – Gut Repair
Gut repair treatment options
Chapter 9 – Summary & actions