TEMPER – The Genetic Advantage ebook

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This book is cutting edge in how your genetics play a role in your health. Most people have gene mutations including your kids. Genes that influence their behaviour in a negative way, which more often than not get undiagnosed by mainstream medical science. How well your kid’s bad genes function and or express themselves, can mean the difference between having a healthy happy life or suffering from what most parents call a nightmare, when it comes to their children’s behaviours.

When you have a genetic mutation or bad gene/s, you may have a reduced ability to produce the right balance of biochemistry that is essential to good happy disciplined mental health and the ability to properly behave no matter what your age.

Understanding your bad genes, how they work, and how they can affect your behaviour, is now more vital than ever, as we see a large percentage of the population now suffering from an inability to control their kids. This has resulted in literally millions of family and parenting problems, largely overlooked by medical professionals.

Today more than ever, it is extremely important to look deeper into these genes for yourself and understand just how deeply they may be affecting your kids and how you can take actions that most health professionals, don’t even know are possible, to restore your ability to bring back a happy family and a better future for you and your kids as they develop into adults.

In this book, we will explore the most common ways that are leading to some of the worst problems with uncontrollable children and get answers to why them and why now and what you can do to push the odds of gaining back control of your kids, your life and having a happy family into the future.

Chapter 1 – The new normal
Chapter 2 – Behaviour
Chapter 3 – The root causes of Bad Behaviour
Chapter 4 – The complex causes of Behavioural Problems
Chapter 5 – A nutritional break in Kids
Chapter 6 – Neurotransmitters and Kids
Chapter 7 – Meet the problem behaviour genes
Chapter 8 – MTHFR gene mutation and kids
Chapter 9 – DHFR gene mutation and kids
Chapter 10 – COMT gene mutation and kids
Chapter 11 – MAO gene mutation and kids
Chapter 12 – MTR & MTRR gene mutations and kids
Chapter 13 – DDC Gene Mutation and Kids
Chapter 14 – GAD gene mutation and kids
Chapter 15 – Strange Symptoms, behaviours, and Psychosis
Chapter 16 – The usual suspects
Chapter 17 – About Biopterin and Kid’s Brains
Chapter 18 – About Methylation and Kids
Chapter 19 – About the folate family of genes