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“Amazingly refreshing to finally find someone who understands what they are taking about and knows what to do about it, after many years of struggle my search for good health is finally over, thank you so much!”- C. Loft – Australia

“Saved my life literally! My advice, don’t do this alone, get help from these guys, you’ll be much better for it, you will learn a lot, save years of suffering and get your health back .”- L. Herrod – USA

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“You have an incredible ability to hold my hand from the other side of the world while I’m on my journey. Always explaining things so I can easily get a grip.”  – Emma Yorkshire Uk

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Diagnosis of complex health problems

MTHFR gene health can help you with diagnosis of MTHFR gene mutations and over 1000 other genetic problems.  You don’t need to be tested to get a consultation with us, we can help you solve complex health problems and provide advice, education and treatment options.

Genetic testing

We can help you discover which genes you have problems with.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming you gene mutations that may not be active, we can help you discover the right genes that need help.

Dedicated specialists practitioners

Our practitioners are highly qualified working in the field of complex health problems.  Working at a genetic level bring a much wider advantage compared to most other types of health practitioners who simple do not know enough to help people with genetic problems.

We provide a global service providing consultations via phone and skype

Our practice is a global practice, everyday we have patients from all over the world.

We provide complete genetic analysis using your ancestry DNA data

We can analyze your DNA data and provide advice, instructions, and treatment protocols that fit you and your genetics.  Using our partners such as and or we can access your raw DNA data and show you the gene mutations that match your symptoms and provide customized treatment protocols best suited to your health problems.  Click here to access this product.

ancestry raw data analysis
23andme raw data analysis

MTHFR Gene Health - We are here to help you!

No matter what stage you are in right now. We can help you get tested for MTHFR, help you with individual treatments. Provide you with helpful advice and information.

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