Positive for MTHFR gene mutations?

Just been diagnosed with having an MTHFR gene mutation and you want to know what to do?

No matter which gene mutation you have recently been diagnosed with. It’s really important to understand. When you have MTHFR gene mutations your body will need extra help. For most people thi,s means seeking a specialist in mthfr treatments.

When you are diagnosed with the genes C677T and or A1298C. This means it’s time to take positive action toward helping yourself. This is because of there many things that you can do to support your body and prevent serious health problems. That comes from these gene mutations including serious diseases.

When people are diagnosed with the gene mutations they are often told just to take activated folate supplements. Which for some people is fine, but there is a big problem with this strategy. This is because it can put you at serious risk of developing problems with activated folate. Which can cause serious depression and or you will miss all of the other problems. That comes with having the gene mutations. Which greatly increases your risks for serious disease.

What to do when you are first diagnosed with MTHFR gene mutation

The very first thing you should do when your diagnosed with MTHFR is get yourself educated. Understanding what you are dealing with is vitally important. This condition is NOT solved by taking activated folate or 5 MTHF supplements. In fact, it can be dangerous (read more about the dangers of methyl trapping here). While taking activated folate is a good treatment for some people it is rarely the only treatments needed.

If you have been told to take activated folate supplements and you have been taking them for some time and have been feeling better. That’s a good sign, but don’t stop there, here’s why. People who have the mthfr gene mutations have many other health problems. That often go undetected by doctors and other medical and natural therapists.

One of the first things you should do is get a mthfr specific treatment. This is because people who specialize in MTHFR understand the complex nature of the gene mutations. How they affect each person as an individual.  Often those that have been diagnosed with mthfr gene mutations. Also present with some or even all of any of the following. These problems need to be addressed properly for the best outcome. It’s also really important to understand that these additional problems can NOT be solved by taking activated folate alone:

The positive side of having MTHFR gene mutations

If you have recently be diagnosed with mthfr gene mutations it may be a bit a shock to learn that you have this condition but there is a positive side.  MTHFR gene mutations may be a disadvantage but there is good news, when we know we have the gene mutations, we can take actions to support them, this significantly changes our circumstances, helps us to get relief from symptoms and even prevent the diseases that are associated with the gene problems.  It’s like knowing your health risks in advance and being able treat yourself for them through prevention and in many cases overcoming and or preventing serious diseases.

If you have been diagnosed with any MTHFR gene mutation, contact one of our professional mthfr practitioners here to get started on an individual treatment that works with your specific gene mutations, make a bigger difference to your life & your health.

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