Why 5 MTHF supplements can be dangerous

Every day people are diagnosed with MTHFR gene mutations. Often through a lack of information and or proper understanding of the complex nature of having the MTHFR disorder. People decide or are advised to take activated folate or 5 – MTHF or 5 – methyltetrahydrofolate, this can be a big mistake.

MTHFR gene mutations are complex and cause a wide range of problems in the body. Which is often unique to each individual. So it’s important to understand the risks associated with taking activated folate or 5 – MTHF supplements first.

The danger of 5 – MTHF or activated folate

Taking activated folate or 5 – MTHF can cause a condition known as “methyl trapping”. This condition can cause a person with MTHFR to go into a deep depression. It can lead to suicide.  So it’s important to know if you have been diagnosed with MTHFR. That taking activated folate or 5 – MTHF supplements is not always going to be the right thing to do. Seeking a professional MTHFR practitioner to help with MTHFR treatments is very important.

For many people who have been diagnosed the gene problem activated folate or 5 – MTHF can be a good treatment. However, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing so.  People who have recently been diagnosed with MTHFR. They need to understand that over time their health has been in decline. That while taking an active folate may be very useful for the condition. There are a number of other serious health problems that may need to be addressed in order to treat the condition properly.

Why taking 5 – MTHF for MTHFR is NOT good enough

People with gene defects such as MTHFR have greater needs to support their health. That goes well beyond just taking activated folate supplements.  Often people have serious health problems when they are first diagnosed. This means that they won’t get the full benefits from just supplementing activated folate supplements.  Having the gene mutation means that you have a number of problems. That need to be supported in order to properly treat the condition including preventing serious disease.

Most of our MTHFR patients have other serious health problems that require special attention. Taking just 5 – MTHF supplements is a big mistake that often leads to many serious health problems.

The MTHFR gene mutation causes serious imbalances in the body that are detrimental to a person health. Often having the gene disorder means that you could have any of the following problems. That need to be resolved the 5 – MTHF supplements can’t resolve:

  • Other vitamin & mineral imbalances
  • Amino acid imbalances
  • Problems with methylation
  • Problems with folic acid
  • Immune system imbalances
  • Problems with energy production
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Problems with homocysteine
  • Problems with neurotransmitters (Mental illness, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, mood problems etc)
  • Infertility (hormone imbalances)
  • And many more (Click here to see the symptoms of MTHFR)

The best way to treat MTHFR

Finding out that you have MTHFR gene mutations can be good news. This is because you are now empowered to improve your health. Knowing which gene mutations you have helps with treatments and prevention of disease.  Seeking a professional MTHFR treatment is the best way to ensure the best outcome. When you have been diagnosed with the condition. These practitioners have the right knowledge to provide the right treatments for the condition. Learn more about treating MTHFR here.

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