Complete Genetic Profile

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The Complete Genetic Profile (Advanced Genetic DNA Test)

MTHFR Gene Health provides a complete genetic DNA analysis, interpretation and reporting service which offers you the chance to discover from a genetic perspective your personal blueprint when it comes to your health.  The advanced genetic health test looks at your ancestry from a genetic perspective which enables you to find out where you got your genes from, how they may affect you in terms of your health now and sheds light on the possible outcomes of having the genes that you have in terms of your future health.

The gene interpretation & analysis profile provides any of the following:

  • 23andme raw data analysis
  • 23andme raw data health analysis
  • 23andme raw data interpretation
  • Analyze ancestry dna raw data
  • Ancestry dna raw data

This important test is conducted by DNA research which for those that have MTHFR can be a major advantage in discovering other gene defects that can then be supported to improve treatment outcomes and prevent diseases that some genes are more susceptible to than others.

Each person is completely unique, so taking a DNA test is a great way to create a unique perspective of your health, provide customized treatment options and prevent disease.

The benefits of DNA testing

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid, is a self-replicating material which is present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information, so it is vitally important in terms of maintain good health, making repairs to your body and preventing disease.  Put simply without proper DNA synthesis our health is greatly affected which leads to serious disease and even death.

People with MTHFR gene mutations are affected in many ways, but one of the problems that comes with MTHFR gene mutations is a decline in DNA synthesis, while this sounds like bad news there is a significant advantage for those with MTHFR to go deeper into this problem by testing their DNA.

The complete genetic profile advanced DNA test enables you & MTHFR Gene Health, to work together to find those additional gene susceptibilities, that may be holding you back from the best possible treatment options for the MTHFR condition and be able to use your unique gene profile to find other mutations that can be behind your symptoms.  Further, knowing your personal gene profile helps to pin point and prevent possible diseases.

How it works

Testing for your complete gene profile is done in a few simple steps, first you purchase a testing kit, then once your results have come through you forward the results to us for interpretation, here are the action steps:

  1.  Visit or and purchase the kit.
  2. Take the test as per the enclosed instructions and return to the laboratory.
  3. Purchase this complete genetic profile (on this page) for one of our practitioners to review your DNA results.  NOTE This is a premium service unlike any other a qualified practitioner manually goes through your personal case history and your test results and makes recommendations of what to do that is best for you*.
  4. When your results come in from 23andme, you need to download the raw data file (click here for instructions for getting your DNA files from and email it to along with your health history of symptoms.  OR
  5. When your results come in from ancestry, you need to download the raw data file (Click here for instructions for getting your DNA files from and email it to along with your health history of symptoms.
  6. You then get contacted with our findings and recommendations on what to do about those findings*.

Have any questions about this test?  Click here to contact us.


*Due to the complexity of genetics and each person’s individual health circumstances and to ensure you get the best possible outcome, our recommendations of what to do about our findings may mean:

  • You may need to purchase additional consultation time to best understand your results and what we need to do to best help you
  • You may need to purchase a practitioner-grade supplement protocol to treat the problems we have found
  • You may need additional testing depending on those findings to best protect your health