Brain Fog – The Genetic Advantage EBook

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How to resolve Brain Fog – The new brain disease

Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Genetics


This book contains vital information about brain fog, including advanced solutions, causes, treatments, symptoms, genetics, and how genetics play a role in brain fog.

Brain fog could be considered the new brain disease, with many people now asking why they feel foggy in the brain, can’t think straight, feel confused, and have trouble with focus and concentration.

The bigger problem is the danger that brain fog is the warning sign for much more serious brain disorders and or diseases.

In this book, we explore the cause of brain fog, how it started and how it is affecting people with the condition.

Through this exploration, we will show the mechanisms of the disease (how it works) and steps anybody can take to stop the progress of the problem and make necessary repairs to their brain fog.

Many people today are suffering from brain fog or foggy brain.  This is causing big problems for those trying to function in everyday life.  Ignoring and or putting up with the problem is dangerous due to the nature of the condition.

Anybody with brain fog has multiple underlying health problems.  In this book we will discuss each problem and how they work together, to cause the condition.

Unfortunately, some people have genetic mutations that increase their likelihood of developing brain fog.  When you have a genetic mutation/s, you may have a reduced ability to produce the right balance of biochemistry that is essential to prevent brain fog.

Understanding your brain fog genes and your other susceptibilities, how they work, and how they can affect your health, is now more vital than ever, for being able to resolve brain fog and prevent even more serious brain problems as you age.

The information in this book has been used in practice to stop and reverse brain fog while also solving many other related health problems.


Chapter 1 – What is brain fog?
How does brain fog start?
What are the major risk factors for brain fog?
Brain Inflammation
Altered signaling of neurons
Burning up neurons
Chapter 2 – Key considerations in targeting brain fog
The source of inflammation
Neuron and immune communication
Reduced BDNF production & gene mutations
Brain circulation
Leaky gut
The vagus nerve and pro-inflammatory cytokines
Chapter 3 – The disaster of brain fog
On and off signals
Neurons and “ON” signals (pro-inflammatory)
Neurons and “OFF” signals
On and off in a nutshell
Chapter 4 – Methylation, neurotransmitters, and genes
Methylation disruption
Loss of anti-oxidants
Neurotransmitter disruption
Serotonin imbalances
Chapter 5 – Central nervous system support
Poor cerebral blood flow problems
Those most at risk of CNS circulation problems
Chapter 6 – Histamine in brain fog
Immune histamine activation
Gut and histamine genes
Gut genes
FUT2 Secretors VS Non-Sectors
FUT2 gene mutations & brain fog from (Intestinal permeability)
FUT2 gene mutations and autoimmune disease
More on histamine genes
Food and environmental allergies/sensitives
Regulation of histamine
More on histamine
More on Aldehyde
The HNMT gene
The MAO gene
Histamine breakdown process
Chapter 7 – Reversing Brain fog
Key factors for reversing brain fog:
Brain Fog treatments
Resetting the brain treatment options
Dealing with histamine treatment options
Immune modulating treatment options
Gut repair treatment options
Supporting the gene mutations
Chapter 22 – Summary & actions