MTHFR Gene Test

Testing for MTHFR is easy and can be done right from your home or office.  MTHFR Gene Health provides an online service for those wanting to know. But they have the gene mutation and what they can do about it. They should test positive to one or more of the genes.

Because of the complexity of the MTHFR gene mutation after you are diagnosed positive with one or more of the genes. There are further customized tests available to help with finding the best available treatments for the condition.

Below the test has been broken up into their relevant areas. But depending on what stage you are at personally with the disorder.  Please feel free to contact us. Further, you need help or have any questions about these tests.

Diagnosing or testing for MTHFR gene mutations

NOTE:  Please note that MTHFR testing at your local GP or doctor in Australia is NOT covered by Medicare. Unless you have been diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Pulmonary Embolism (PE). Second, you have first degree relatives with proven MTHFR gene mutations.

It is easy to have your self diagnosed with MTHFR. This can also be done from home or via your local pathology, here are the available tests. Please click on the link that best suits you:

MTHFR Home Gene Test Kits (Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin & Hobart)

The MTHFR home blood test kit for Australian residents.

The MTHFR home saliva test kit for Australian residents.

MTHFR home test for kids, children & babies

Pathology Test Kits

The MTHFR pathology blood test kit (Australia Only)

Advanced MTHFR tests

There are several advanced tests available for those that have been diagnosed with MTHFR. Further, these tests are highly recommended to help you understand how the gene mutations are affecting the various nutritional pathways. But also provide extremely valuable information on how to best go about treatments.  Please click on the link that best suits you

The folate metabolism test (this test evaluates your overall folate metabolism)

The methionine metabolism test (This test evaluates your methionine metabolism pathway)

The methylation test (This test evaluates your methylation for MTHFR)

The oestrogen metabolism test (This test evaluates your overall estrogen balance in men and women)

The advanced genetic DNA test (This test digs deeper into your personal DNA to further assist with resolving MTHFR symptoms)

Recommended Tests for MTHFR

People who have the MTHFR gene mutation need all the help they can get. Often people with the gene mutation have gone through life with the disorder without knowing. This has caused them serious health problems.  More often than not people with MTHFR gene problems have over time had trouble with nutrition. But in general and so this has caused several problems such as detoxification problems & metabolism problems. Further, these are the following tests are a great way to find out about specific nutritional problems. As well as that is common in those with the gene alterations.

Amino acids test for MTHFR (testing for amino acid imbalances)

Nutritional balancing program for MTHFR – (testing for nutritional mineral imbalances & toxic heavy metals)

Organic acids testing – (testing for problems in metabolic processes that result from MTHFR)

Deep level genetic typing – (the ultimate genetic diet program)

Did you have any questions about the tests related to MTHFR?  Contact us here.