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Why avoid doing your own gene report

Every day we receive phone calls and emails from concerned people with serious health problems. Who ask for our help in solving their health problem.  It’s often no surprise to learn that many people who contact us tell us straight up. At least they have done their own gene variant report. Tried all sorts of treatments based on these generic reports. But still aren’t seeing results and they can’t figure out what they are doing wrong.

Right now there are many companies that provide the opportunity to decode your genetic raw data. So many of these services are cheap to use, provide a lot of information. More often than not leave you wondering. What to do regardless of your efforts to understand their complex reports.  These software programs often provide very conflicting advice. So why should you avoid doing your own gene report or research?

Gene variant reports missing the big picture

Since the invention of the internet and the ability to look up your symptoms. Your genes and anything else you want to find out about. People now think that they can simply plug something into a program. Like your genetic raw data and that will solve the problem. Well, it’s this kind of thinking that is getting many people into much bigger trouble than they realize. When it comes to their health.

Gene variant reports are generic, they know lots about your genes but very little about you and your symptoms which is far more important than the genes themselves, many people have no idea that the very advice that these generic gene reports spit out can actually do them more harm than good, here are just some of the reasons that you should avoid doing your own gene reports:

The dangers of DIY gene variant reports

  • They are cheap to get and often hard understand for most people
  • They often provide supplement advice that is conflicting and or incorrect
  • People often miss supplementation advice because they don’t understand you and or your symptoms
  • They allow uneducated people to make assumptions about their health that may put them at risk of self-treatments that cause them harm
  • They don’t give correct treatment advice and or recommend testing that can save your life
  • People are not vested in helping you improve your health, only selling you software
  • They waste your time and money (Many people tell us that they have spent thousands on treatment advice from often several generic reports and have not improved over many years)
  • They often advise that you should consult a practitioner but most people think that they can do it themselves
  • Some people don’t factor in problems that may nothin going to do with your genes
  • They have little to no knowledge of how to treat people in a way that an experienced practitioner can
  • And many more…

Why have a practitioner interpret your genetic variant report?

Apart from the obvious reasons as mentioned above it’s really important to understand that every person is an individual, when you have a practitioner do your gene variant report for you its based on you and your symptoms, this leaves out any assumptions that are made by a computer and so the patient gets the right advice in terms of treatment and further testing if required.

People who use generic variant reports make the incorrect assumption that they have to deal with their gene mutations like its a protocol and that’s when they get themselves into trouble by taking the wrong supplements in the wrong order and at the wrong times and find out that nothing works, this is what we see everyday in our newly acquired patients.  For example the protocol for one person with a MTHFR gene mutation is often not the same for someone else with the same mutation, simply because there are many gene mutations in most people, some are “in play” others are not.

When you leave out the practitioner, you take the risk of being wrong about everything you don’t know and risk treating yourself unsupervised and knowledgeable about what you are really dealing with which is your health and your life.

The benefits of our genetic variant report interpretation

At MTHFR Gene Health we provide a personalized service that takes your genetic raw data and we use this information to understand your genetic health problems based on you and your symptoms, we provide advice on what actions steps you need to take to solve existing health problems, protect your health and any further testing (if required).  This is all done by a real practitioner who understands genetic variant reports, genetic mutations and what steps to take to best treat these problems.  And you no longer have to read through literally tonnes of information just to get a basic understanding of something that may be a problem.

You can access the complete genetic profile here.

The benefits of a real practitioner

  • Have a professional practitioner (a real person) interpret your gene report based on you and your symptoms
  • Find out your problem genes that are causing your symptoms without interfering with genes that may not be problematic
  • Learn what action steps you need to take to solve your health problems
  • Learn what supplements and or foods to avoid
  • Ask questions, get support from someone who knows you and your health concerns
  • Stop playing guessing games with your health and your genes
  • Learn what to do and what not to do
  • Stop wasting time and money on the unknown
  • All done right form your home or office via email and or skype
  • And much more

Did you have any questions about gene variant reports and evaluations?  Contact us here.