MTHFR treatment protocol

The truth about MTHFR treatment protocols

If you have been told that you have an MTHFR gene mutation, polymorphism, variant etc. Your first instinct is to seek treatment for MTHFR or find a treatment protocol. That you can follow to solve your new found health concern without getting any assistance from a professional.

These days it’s easy to fall into the trap called Dr. Google. That is to say, if you search the internet you will find literally thousands of pages of advice. Treatments protocols and people selling supplements with advice. How you should treat MTHFR without even having a clue about you. Your individual health problems or status and even knowing if it is safe for you to use the protocol.

It’s a sad truth that these days many people have resorted to self-treatment for MTHFR due to a lack of knowledge. About the condition or even getting bad advice from websites. Uneducated health practitioners or doctors and often find out much later on that. They missed 90% of the problem of trying to treat themselves. Treatments they tried didn’t work and left them worse off.  This problem, of course, lost them a lot of money and time in the process and worse over. These individuals ended up with a much bigger health problem and or a serious disease.

Everyday we have people contacting us for MTHFR treatments and these people are more often than not people who have been down the road as discussed above, they found out they had the problem, attempted to treat themselves via some protocol or advice they found and are frustrated by a lack of results, they ask us why it isn’t working, they are very concerned about their health and their future.

Don’t play guessing games with MTHFR!

Here’s the thing, you don’t know, what you don’t know. Just because you have been diagnosed with MTHFR. That does not mean all you need to do is take methlyfolate and all will be good. It is simply not the case.  Many doctors and websites tell people who have MTHFR mutations to take methlyfolate. This advice is nothing more than a big, risky mistake. Not only does it assume that MTHFR is the only problem that you have. But it also assumes that methylfolate doesn’t have side effects. When in fact it also does have very serious side effects.

All too often people take the assumption that once they have found out that they have a MTHFR gene mutation, then that’s all they need to deal with and this leaves out 90% of the information that they really need to restore good health.

So here is what you likely don’t know about MTHFR treatment protocols…

Most people who have been diagnosed with MTHFR have a lot more other mutations that need to be treated either before, during and or after treating MTHFR in order to successfully restore good health. But more often than not those that respond badly or unsuccessfully with basic MTHFR treatment protocols are not treating themselves the right way and those that do well on basic MTHFR treatment protocols find out later on that they have other health problems that resulted from other mutations commonly found in those who test positive for MTHFR.

The truth about you and MTHFR

You are unique, so are your genes and so are your gene mutations, knowing this, it makes no sense to use a basic treatment protocol that is designed for only part of the problems that you are likely to face with your unique set of gene mutations.  MTHFR treatment protocols don’t treat the individual, only the one condition which is often as we mentioned only a small part of the problem.

When you seek professional treatment for MTHFR you should be asking to have all of your genes checked according to your symptoms and then a treatment protocol that is designed around you as an individual.

The best protocol for treating MTHFR

  1.  Understand that an MTHFR gene mutation may not be the only underlying cause of your health problem/s.
  2. Seek professional treatments only from those who understand MTHFR, epigenetics, and nutrigenomics, don’t risk treating MTHFR on your own.
  3. Understand that you are unique, so are your genes and so your treatment should be customized for you.
  4. Don’t take methylfolate supplements without supervision and a backup plan should it all go wrong.
  5. Ignore internet-based protocols that sell MTHFR supplements and products upfront without knowing you and your case history.
  6. Know that MTHFR is a popular gene, many of the less known genes are often worse and may require treatment first.
  7. Understand that MTHFR and other gene mutations are often associated with nutritional disorders which medical doctors know very little about.  Seek a nutrition expert who understands MTHFR and gene mutations.
  8. If you are told that nothing can be done to help you with your genetic condition, get a better doctor or practitioner.
  9. Understand that treating MTHFR and other genes the right way is very important, But it can take a long time for your condition to develop and thus it can take time for your condition to resolve.
  10. If you have attempted to treat yourself for MTHFR and you also want more help, seek professional advice.

Our protocol for treating MTHFR

At MTHFR Gene Health we are interested in only the best outcomes for our patients, that means getting to know you, your health concerns, your genes and what to do in the right order at the right time, with the right treatment protocol that best suits you as an individual.

  1.  We ask about your symptoms, what treatments you have tried, what tests you have done.
  2. We do complete gene profile investigation based on your symptoms to discover all of your problematic genes.
  3. Personally, we work with you and your doctor to discover problem areas that may need addressing.
  4. We compile our findings along with any other test results.
  5. We prescribe the best course of treatment options and support you through the process of getting well.

Did you have any questions about MTHFR treatment protocols?  Contact us here.