MTHFR & electromagnetic hypersensitivity

MTHFR & Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Do you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity from MTHFR?

EMF also known as (electromagnetic – frequency) & EMR also known as ( electromagnetic – radiation) is the end result of using electricity. So generally we are all exposed to these dangerous, invisible by-products of living in modern society.

EMF & EMR exposure causes serious health problems for many people every day. Often without knowing why and for those with MTHFR gene mutations this represents an even bigger problem.

People with MTHFR gene mutations such as C677T and or A1298C. Often have problems with EMF & EMR as a result of a reduced ability. To protect their health against electromagnetic radiation. This can ultimately lead to a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Problems MTHFR’s have with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

If you have already tested your self for mthfr gene mutation/s. But you are likely already aware that stress plays a big part in your ability to preserve methyl groups. To ensure your methylation is working properly to help you maintain good health.

The problem is that EMF & EMR which we are all exposed to at very high levels. But has a major effect on a person stress exposure. As your body works much harder to protect your cells from radiation poisoning. Because of this often contributes significantly to the depletion of those essential nutrients. That we need to protect our health through methylation.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a state where the body becomes more sensitive to electrical fields which are emitted from all electrical devices.  Those with MTHFR gene mutations have much less defense against EMF radiation and should consider EMF protection devices to complement their nutritional support program.

Symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity

People can experience EMF & EMR sensitivity differently and the intensity varies depending on your body’s defenses and or how much exposure you have had over what period of time.  Generally, symptoms are similar to long term low radiation poisoning, here are the most common symptoms:

Mild to severe headaches



Eye irritations

Skin Rashes

Facial swelling


Chronic fatigue

Joint pains

Buzzing or ringing in the ears

Abdominal pain

Breathing difficulties

Irregular heartbeat


Balance problems


Poor memory/concentration


MTHFR & radiation

MTHFR gene mutations cause problems with the utilization of certain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are normally responsible for protecting the body from radiation in general.  The levels of EMF radiation that we are exposed to now, compared to say 100 years ago is literally 100 million times stronger, this puts those with the mthfr conditions at much greater risk of EMF toxicity.

Some of the greater dangers for those with mthfr that are exposed to EMF radiation, is that electromagnetic radiation causes an increased risk in many of the “already at risk” problems caused by mthfr deficiency such as:

Known EMF & EMR disease causes that relate to mthfr

Increased risk of heart disease


Increased cholesterol

Increased blood pressure

Development of blood clots

Increased risk of stroke

Lowered immunity


Insomnia (through melatonin reduction)

Reduction in T cells

Increased risk of cancer

Viruses (from lowered immunity)

Autoimmune diseases

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinsons disease

Alzheimers disease

Lou Gering disease

Protecting your health from EMF & EMR radiation

Many people take it for granted that we have electrical devices and most assume that they don’t affect our health simply because you can’t see radiation doing damage to their health.  But those with MTHFR gene defects are more exposed to the effects of the high levels of EMF radiation that is all around you right now.

Think about it for a moment, how many electrical devices are you exposed to every day, anything form power lines, mobile phones, your computer, your house, your car, your workplace and hundreds of other possible places of EMF exposure.

If you have MTHFR gene mutations or you suspect that you may be electro-sensitive based on any of the symptoms, get yourself an EMF protection device, protect your health against unseen radiation & support your body in preventing serious health problems.